illustrations for sipat

/ ilustrações para SIPAT 2018 | Client:

Advertising illustrations add value to advertising texts through flashy designs on any existing media platform, be it digital or traditional. They bring with them an easier understanding of the message transmitted, arousing their interest with variations of colors and infinite shapes.

As ilustrações publicitárias dão valor os textos de propaganda através de desenhos chamativos em qualquer plataforma de mídia existente, seja digital ou tradicional. Trazem consigo uma maior facilidade de compreensão da mensagem transmitida, despertando seu interesse com variações de cores e formas infinitas.

As SIPAT brings sensitive themes, we try to visually translate something that appeals to the viewer, with illustrations of people always smiling, reticules and effusive colors. All interconnected could add up and become a single poster.

Como a SIPAT(*) trás temas sensíveis, procuramos traduzir visualmente algo que acalenta o expectador, com ilustrações de pessoas sempre sorridentes, reticulas e cores efusivas. Todas interligadas poderiam somar-se e transformar em um único pôster.

(*) Internal Week for the Prevention of Accidents at Work (SIPAT) is a mandatory event in companies installed in Brazil according to labor legislation. - SIPAT must be organized annually by the Internal Commission for Accident Prevention (CIPA) in conjunction with the Specialized Service in Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine (SESMT) with the objective of making employees aware of health and safety at work in addition to prevention accidents. During the week, activities are carried out involving employees with the aim of promoting awareness, generally focusing on a previously defined theme. Among the activities are lectures, training, medical evaluations, recreational activities, among others.